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Warhammer Lore/ Books


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Use this thread to talk about any and all Warhammer literature and to ask your Lore Related questions.

Who is you favorite Primarch?
Where should I start if I want to get into Warhammer books
Tell me more why AoS is dumb
Why did Magnus do something wrong?
Rant about the End Times
Tell me how angry you are about the fact that GW doesn't love Settra.
Haha Mechanicus toaster funny
-And similar such topics


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My brother got me "The Last Wall" for Christmas. which is really nice but I have to read like 20 more books to get to that point in the story. It's written by Gav Thorpe which means it will probably be alright, I liked Angels of Caliban but wasn't huge on Deliverance Lost, so I guess I see how much I like it when I finally get there.