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PoI Russel Greer/ Musician/ Author/ Motivational speaker/ Vexatious litigant


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Russel Greer is a man from Utah who has blessed this earth with many wonderful creations. Russel is first and foremost a musician, he has written and composed many songs including:
"I Get You"
"I Don't Get You"
"Julianne's Smile"
"getting me through"

You will notice however that each song sounds like it was sung by a different person. This is because Russel gets hires a production company to produce and sing his songs, why? Because Russel looks like this.
Russel has a condition called Mobius Syndrome. Which causes his lips and eyes to be mostly paralyzed, so he cant speak properly and he is always looking forward. You will also have noticed that his first two songs are titled "I get you" and "I don't get you" The similar naming convention is because both songs where written for Pop Star Taylor swift, who Russel is obsessed with. Russel Emailed Swift a copy of "I get you" to Taylor Swift in 2016 and when the poor person who ran Swifts email told Russel that she doesn't accept unsolicited music he sued her. The information about the lawsuit is complete madness but if you want to learn more about it watch this video. Russel also has supposedly written a screenplay about the Holocaust but T cant find it.

video from your favorite blackface lawyer

Russel wrote a book about this incident titled "Why I sued Taylor swift". This is a wonderful book filled with "real" events like his lawyer friend being firebombed my a Mexican named Horacio who worked for Taylor Swift. You should buy his book because its funny. amazon link to his book but if you don't want to, a full pdf of his book is available on Kiwi Farms.

Russel also has many a frivolous lawsuits to his name. Like when he tried to sue a prostitute, Or when he sued the state of Utah because he couldn't open a brothel, or when he sued Ariana Grande for looking at him funny? ( I think that's what happened) Or when he sued Farrah Abraham because the poor intern who runs her twitter liked a tweet from Russel that said they should go on a date. He is currently suing the owner of the website Kiwi Farms because there are users that make fun of him there.

Basically Russel is a gem, if you want to talk about his art here feel free to do so. to learn more about Russel check out just search Rekieta Greer

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWa3A_mZt-AtnGSFL9BLb5w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/just_some_dude_named_russell29/?igshid=4ys4ayphhaq0 (this fucker blocked my account)
His awful website

Also he was found guilty cyber stalking and harassment just last month in Utah.


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Russell Greer is moving to Navada, Probably somewhere near or in Las Vegas. There are two potential reasons I have come up with to explain this. One, Russell is moving to avoid being branded as a vexatious litigant in the state of Utah and two, prostitution is legal in Nevada. I don't know if I included this in the op for the thread but a few years ago Russell attempted to get a permit to open a brothel in Utah and then wrote an essay about why the practice should be permitted.