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December 2020 update!


Staff member
Hi everyone! The past month there weren't many updates in either content or on the back end of the site, because I have been busy. That being said updates will be returning hopefully in number this month and into 2021. I am working out ways to promote the site, my Idea right now is that I need some content either exclusive to or directly relating to the site on other platforms to draw in a userbase. What that content could be I don't really know, but I am working on some projects that could draw in some people interested in using the forum.

One issue I think that the site will face is an identity crisis, what I mean is that I want all different people to discuss almost any subject. I am afraid that in the chance that the forums blows up, whatever group got here first will dominate the tone of the forums and drive people away. There are certain people That I would like to reach out to but I am concerned that due to the niche communities that they are a part of they may contribute to my concern about potential gatekeeping of subjects and attitudes. I realize that right now everyone on the forums is somebody I know IRL and that these concerns may be silly at the moment but I am just typing my mind right now.

In the next few month here are the things I intend to do to make the forum cleaner.
  1. Develop more themes
  2. Get a better logo
  3. Create a functional update section of the front page
  4. Have more OP's written for major subjects
Thanks for reading ~ Tweed