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  1. Tweed

    Post what your having for Christmas Eve dinner

    If you don't celebrate Christmas post what you going to eat anyway. I'm making cioppino, I'll post pics when it's done.
  2. Tweed

    Discussion Cyberpunk 2077

    So, umm Cyberpunk 2077 is out and Its kinda a mess. Like a Sucker I bought it on PS4, It looks like a bad game from 2015 and by default has all of these awful graphical settings turned on. The game is buggy as shit. Sometimes my car clips though the ground, sometime You have no collision while...
  3. Tweed

    December 2020 update!

    Hi everyone! The past month there weren't many updates in either content or on the back end of the site, because I have been busy. That being said updates will be returning hopefully in number this month and into 2021. I am working out ways to promote the site, my Idea right now is that I need...
  4. Tweed

    Discussion I don't like any iteration of the Song "Africa"

    fight me.
  5. Tweed

    containment Age of Empires

    With the release of Age of Empires 3 DE I figure its a good time to create a thread about one of the most popular RTS series of all time To start it off I personally am enjoying the Swedes and the Portuguese. I played a game as the Lakota (formally the Sioux) and they are really fun. Who are...
  6. Tweed

    containment Derek Savage

    Derek Savage is one of my favorite people. He is a director, author, actor, musician, and activist. whose exploits are too numerous to count. He is mainly known for creating the children's Character Cool Cat, who teaches kids about safety and other topics. His film "Cool Cats Saves" the Kids...
  7. Tweed

    Warhammer Lore/ Books

    Use this thread to talk about any and all Warhammer literature and to ask your Lore Related questions. Who is you favorite Primarch? Where should I start if I want to get into Warhammer books Tell me more why AoS is dumb Why did Magnus do something wrong? Rant about the End Times Tell me how...
  8. Tweed

    Warhammer Tabletop.

    this thread is all about Warhammer tabletop. Feel free to talk about 40k, AoS, Bloodbowl and anything else. There is a separate Warhammer lore/literature thread but if you want to talk about new releases, painting tips and ideas do so here. On that note new Necrons ans SM are finally starting...
  9. Tweed

    low effort garbage Bad Fanfiction Thread

    I want to start a thread to archive any and all bad fanfictions. Please contribute as you find them. They can be from Fanfiction.com Watpad I don't care as long as they are funny and bad. If we get enough contributions i might read them on stream or something.
  10. Tweed

    Snyder Cut? Why do people care?

    Does anyone actually care? It seems like just a cash grab, I've never liked Zach Snyder as a person, he always seemed really entitled and annoying so his personality cult is weird to me. I don't really understand what people think this will fix? But maybe i'm wrong.
  11. Tweed

    PoI Russel Greer/ Musician/ Author/ Motivational speaker/ Vexatious litigant

    Russel Greer is a man from Utah who has blessed this earth with many wonderful creations. Russel is first and foremost a musician, he has written and composed many songs including: "I Get You" "I Don't Get You" "Julianne's Smile" "getting me through" You will notice however that each song...
  12. Tweed

    Fan Club Rules

    These are the guidelines for all forums/ threads under the "Fan Club" category. Important: Threads may be created on people who are relevant to any of the Media Hive boards, whether they are actors, authors, musicians, online content creators, it doesn't matter. These threads could be positive...
  13. Tweed

    Media Hive Rules

    These are the guidelines for all forums/threads under the category of "Media Hive". Do not upload pirated material (ex: full movies or entire pdfs of books) I know piracy in this way is a victimless crime but just save me the trouble. Make thread titles specific and clear. Use appropriate...
  14. Tweed

    General Rules

    These are the general rules for the whole site, there aren't many so please try to follow them. Each board will have its own set of guidelines that you should follow. No illegal content. Do not create an account if you are under 18. No gimmick accounts. Do not impersonate real life people. No...
  15. Tweed

    Welcome Message!

    Hi everyone, and welcome to the Beehiveforums. Here we provide a place for anyone to discuss their favorite (or least favorite) pieces of media and those who create them. This site was founded on the notion that discussion shouldn't be limited by tight rules or by community leadership that works...